If you don’t often venture outside the city limits, you might not know that our fair city is an urban pocket in a the midst of a predominantly rural county. Bellingham is surrounded by productive berry and dairy farms.

Twin Brook Creamery is one of the most renowned dairy operations in the area.

Five generations of the Stap family have owned and operated the Lynden Creamery, and they enjoy strong customer loyalty not common for a perishable foods brand in this day and age.

Many Bellinghamsters drink Twin Brook milk exclusively, citing its superior taste and local production.

Twin Brook Creamery says their superior taste is a credit to their cows (Jerseys all), their process (vat pasteurization which takes longer than other methods, but leaves more butterfat behind), and their packaging (glass bottles which don’t alter the taste).

But don’t take our word for it. Twin Brook Creamery products are available at several ¬†Bellingham retailers like the Community Food Co-Op, Haggen, and Safeway.


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