Native Bellinghamster, Troy Muljat, has been the managing broker at The Muljat Group for more than 20 years.

What brought you to Bellingham?

Born and raised. Third generation. We’re a Croatian fishing family, commercial fishing was the family business for a long time. My grandfather, father, my cousins and I all fished.

As I grew up though, the industry changed a great deal. I learned the trade as a youngster, but my father was transitioning out of commercial fishing into real estate at that time.

Do you still fish?

I do. I like to fly fish and salmon fish. On a perfect day where do I go? Always to the water. We enjoy cruising throughout the San Juan Islands.

What do you love best about your job?

I’m still figuring out what I do. I enjoy the development side of real estate more than anything. I like to create, to find the unique aspects of a building. I like to help businesses find or create a space that meets their needs and works well for the community.

What do people not understand about what you do?

Most people don’t understand that they can hire a broker to represent them when buying or leasing a property for free, they can choose who they want to work with, and have that person represent them. We haven’t done a good job explaining that message as an industry.

Is there a new business or organization you’d like to see in Bellingham?

I’d like to see a serious tech incubator with some flex space and heavy-duty investment flowing into new business and business ideas.

Is there a book you’ve read recently that you want to call out?

I’m reading Double Double by Cameron Herold with our key leadership. It’s all about growth which comes from a vivid vision. We’ve just gone through the process of casting a vivid vision with our team.

Is there a local business that the world needs to know about?

WasaBee Sushi. We go there weekly.

What’s your favorite spot downtown?

Is the Marina considered downtown? Probably not, but it’s still my favorite place to spend time. I love hanging out there and walking the boats.

What are people surprised to learn about you?

Other than flunking the real estate test the first time I took it, I am now considered “one in a million”.  Doctors discovered a rare cancer in me last year called Chorodoma.  Only 300 people a year get this type of cancer.  

If you enrolled at Western today, what would you study?

I enjoy teaching, so I might explore something in education or possibly computer science (I am a computer geek at heart).  

Do you have a local cause that you’re involved with.

Families of Hope Adoption Fund. I’m on the board there. We help families who would like to adopt but don’t have the funds.   Our family has adopted two children, and it has changed our lives.  Adoption is such a blessing on so many levels for our family.  

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