Gov. Jay Inslee honored Bellingham for its comprehensive planning of downtown. That award joins 13 other honors that our fine city has received recently.

#1 Cleanest City—The American Lung Association ranks cities for ozone air pollution. Guess who leads the list.

#5 Least Obese City—Gallup ranks Bellingham 5th on the list of US cities with the lowest rate of obesity.

#2 Most Fitness-Friendly City—Miles of trails, quality fresh food, and a very bike-friendly street grid make it easy to get fit in Bellingham.

#6 Best Place to Live—Sunset Magazine pointed out there’s more outdoor activities than any of us could ever do in a lifetime.

#11 Best Adventure Town—National Geographic Magazine is equally enthused by our adventure sports options, naming Bellingham its #11 best adventure center.

#1 Best Paddling Town—Prefer a waterbound? Then Bellingham is peerless.

#2 Best Ski Resort Towns for Real Estate Investment—If you like to turn your adventures into real estate investments, Bellingham is a great place to do it.

#18 Most Beautiful Coastal Campus—Western Washington University provides academic rigor in a picturesque setting by the bay.

#1 Beer Snob City—Stop into a Bellingham brewery, and you may find it difficult to return to Miller, Bud, or Coors.

#3 Most Secure City—Farmer’s Insurance thinks that Bellingham is among the most safe and stable mid-sized cities to be found.

#5 Best Place to Retire—Home prices and air quality make Bellingham attractive to retirees hoping for excitement in their third act.

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