The City of Bellingham is accepting proposals for how to reclaim a component of the digester building as a centerpiece in the planned Whatcom Waterway park.

The park is scheduled to open next year as part of the waterfront redevelopment project. Planners have 33 acres of the waterfront site earmarked for it, and hope it will give downtown Bellingham more convenient recreational access to the water.

Work on the Bellingham Waterfront seemed to be accelerating this year with the demolition of the digester building this winter, and renovation of the grainery building underway now.

One part of the digest building that remains is a 30-foot diameter ball that is visible from many different parts of town. The feature, called the “acid ball,” was once a container for the potent chemicals used in papermaking. Planners hope the feature will inspire creativity among Bellingham’s vibrant community of artists, and an iconic piece of industrial art will result.

Bellingham has committed to move and clean the acid ball, and the city’s One Percent for the Arts program will fund the reclamation.

Proposals are due by October 3, so get your best idea ready!

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