Any brewery to offer a barrel-fermented Saison among its flagship beers should be taken seriously.

Structures Brewing, the newest member of the brewing community of Bellingham, could have started their brewing operation anywhere. The two founders hail from nearly 3,000 miles away, but they picked Bellingham as their home. On their instagram account you can see pictures of their trip across the country, picking up equipment and barrels along the way. You can also see glimpses of their work to transform a vacant State Street storefront into the brewery and tasting room they operate today.

But how’s the beer, you ask? Excellent.

The State Street Saison, fermented in oak barrels, is crisp and bright like a cider without being too sweet. Hop heads will love the Iteration, a highly aromatic pale ale. If you prefer something darker, Petranilo, a rich coffee stout, might be for you.

If any these sound interesting, you’d better drop by Structures soon. They brew in small batches, and there’s no telling whether they’ll make more of any particular recipe or move on to other experiments.

Whichever they choose will be good news for Bellingham. They haven’t brewed a dud yet.

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