Bellingham ranks fourth in coffee shops per capita, but as any self-respecting connoisseur will know—it’s the roast that matters. Fortunately we’re also home to a number of world-class coffee roasters. Here are 5 of our favorites.

Tony’s—The oldest of the Bellingham roasteries, Tony’s has been at it since 1971. In addition to a trio of local shops, you can find their coffee in many places throughout the greater Seattle area. Ganesha Espresso, their flagship roast, was awarded best espresso in 2013.

Hammerhead—Founders, Mary and Scott, met and fell in love while working in the coffee business. This outfit shares roasting space with Maniac, and their coffee is available in several local spots like Supreme Bean, HomeSkillet, The Community Food Co Op, and Bellewood Acres.

Maniac—Launched out of the Black Drop Coffeehouse, they roast weekly and hand-deliver for free to Bellingham, Ferndale, and Lynden. This outfit has full mastery on a handful of blends and single origins, and they stay focused.

Onyx—Maintains a direct relationship with coffee growers, and brings their products directly back to Bellingham. No middle man. You can try Onyx Coffee on Saturdays at their spot on the interurban trail, or read our interview of Onyx owner Edwin Martinez.

Bellingham Bay Roasting—Though they offer a few blends with local themes, Bellingham Bay Roasting specializes in single orgin coffees from Latin America, Indonesia, and Africa. Their other claim to fame: being the first sponsor of the local soccer club, Bellingham United FC.

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