Predictions 2016, the annual luncheon hosted by the Technology Alliance Group, featured Mark Anderson and exceeded expectations for the record-setting crowd.

We often ask leaders from around Bellingham: “What does Bellingham need?” The answer we hear more than any other? More high-tech jobs.

The Technology Alliance Group is working to make that happen.

One of several formidable organizations focused economic development in Bellingham, the Technology Alliance Group (TAG for short) works to advance the high tech sector as a whole and the individuals within it.

In addition to advocating on behalf of Bellingham area businesses, running a great jobs board, and awarding scholarships to students in Science, Technology, and Math fields of study, they organize several top-shelf events. Arguably, none better than Predictions.

Mark Anderson has headlined Predictions for 12 years, and has racked up an eye-popping 94% accuracy rate on his predictions about the year ahead. The year’s predictions included some bold statements about the Chinese economy, surveillance, oil prices, drones, artificial intelligence, and more.

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