The City of Bellingham has been using recycled porcelain in its sidewalks since 2012.

In partnership with RDS, the City’s Public Works department has been using “poticrete,” a material made from recycled toilets, coffee mugs, plates, and other porcelain. The 3 projects are scattered all over the city.

We spoke with Freeman Anthony, the innovative engineer behind this project.

What can people do with their retired porcelain?

RDS and SSC will take it for a small fee and then it will be reused in the City projects.

Are there plans for poticrete to be used in future projects?

We’ve used it three times so far (about once a year when we have enough porcelain to make a batch). Residents can find it now in front of Diamond Jim’s, down at the Post Point WWTP in Fairhaven (bit of irony there), and near the Bellingham Food Bank. I don’t have specific plans right now, but I’ll check in on the stockpile. We might have enough to start planning another site.

With 4 years of service, how are the poticrete sidewalks holding up?

Great! It still catches light and sparkles.


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