Welcome to Bellingham! So glad you’ve decided to make a home here. We think you’re going to love it. Here’s just a few tips to help you get the lay of the land.

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Things to Know

Bellingham used to be 4 different townships. As the towns of Sehome, Whatcom, Fairhaven, and Bellingham all grew on the shores of Bellingham Bay, it only made sense for them to merge. The result is a diverse town with several unique neighborhoods. If you’re not loving the spot you’re in now, walk three blocks and you may change your mind.

There’s a trail to take you almost anywhere. An extensive network of trails runs through the city. If you’d prefer to stretch your legs, you can probably get where you’re going without walking on the blacktop.

It doesn’t really rain that much. Bellingham gets 34.84 inches of annual rainfall which slightly less than neighboring Seattle (37 inches), and a lot less than Atlanta, Boston, New York, Houston, Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.  

Coffee is everywhere. Bellingham has more drive-thru espresso stands per capita than any other city in the country.

3 Places to Visit

Boulevard Park—We have some awesome parks, and you’ll want to visit all of them soon. But start with this one.

Downtown—Bellingham’s award-winning downtown district has a little bit of everything—theatre, art, music, shopping, business, great food, and brewing. You can’t go wrong.

Fairhaven—Perched on the southern slope of Sehome Hill, Historic District holds its own too. Though not as large as downtown, Fairhaven has spunk.

3 Restaurants to Try

Boundary Bay Brewery—The godfather of Bellingham breweries, Boundary Bay also makes some extraordinary mac and cheese.

Ciao Thyme—Savor local cuisine, or take a cooking class. No worries if you can’t get downtown, These chefs will cater.

Homeskillet—Small but mighty, this little breakfast spot is worth the wait. We’re serious when we say small—one cook, no parties over four.

3 Can’t-Miss Events

Ski to Sea—A 93.5 mile, 8-person, multi-sport relay race draws both world-class athletes and weekend warriors.

Art Walk—The first friday evening of every month Bellinghamsters enjoy art throughout downtown.

Dirty Dan Day—Fairhaven remembers its founder with food, music, games, and the world’s only piano race.

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