There are several key decision points in the life of every startup. Perhaps none more important than the decision about when to move out of the garage, basement, or spare bedroom that served as first impromptu office. For startups in Bellingham that decision is easier than in many other places thanks to Invent.

Part coworking space, part business incubator—Invent serves as home for 26 different local businesses, including RedRokk, a digital media & marketing agency that was a startup itself in the not too distance past.

“We have all the things that a business needs to get started—office space, desks, meeting space. For tech companies, we have fast internet, and servers. For a product-focused business, we have a studio where they can shoot product images.” Said Tyler Byrd, Owner of Invent and CEO of RedRokk.

Invent also handpicks the most promising startups for its incubator program. The chosen few get access to mentorship, introduction to Angel Investors, free office space, and other helps. Coinbeyond is currently enjoying all of those perks.

When we asked what Bellingham needs to become a hub for startups, Byrd replied: “We have to figure out how to retain our talent. There are a lot of very smart, talented, highly-motivated people who grew up in Whatcom County, but too many of them leave town and find tremendous career success elsewhere.”

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