The center of Fairhaven’s artistic flair is the Morgan Block Building. It’s home to several artisans, none more well known than Good Earth Pottery.

The ceramics gallery now hosts nearly 38 different artists. We spoke with one of them—Ann Marie Cooper.

Wow 45 years! That’s a long run for a shop of this type, isn’t it?

It is. In the early days it was more a shared studio space where a lot of people would learn to make pottery, and it evolved into the gallery that you see today. In that time it’s been through several owners. Today Good Earth is owned jointly by a pair of the artists—Deb Martin & Linda Stone.


How do you find/select artists to showcase in the store?

Most of them seek us out, but we only consider artists who live within 50-60 mile radius of Bellingham.

What is the most common misconception you encounter about handmade ceramics?

A lot of people think you can’t use them—that they’re display pieces only. This pottery is just as durable as any mass produced stoneware or ceramics that you’d buy from a box store. The only difference is that it was made by a single individual.

Many people know you by your sidewalk sales. How can we know to expect those?

We always have one during Ski to Sea—that’s the big one. And we also participate in the Fairhaven-wide sidewalk sale each fall.

Occasionally we put tents outside for other events that are coming through.

The next time you’re in Fairhaven, spend some time at Good Earth Pottery.

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