One of Aslan’s best-loved brews is now available in their iconic slate-black can. Dawn Patrol now available in cans. And they want you to come celebrate tonight at Elizabeth Station.

Aslan Brewing has quickly forged a reputation for great food and beer. The only organic brewer in a town with great love for both beer and anything organic, Aslan made the unexpected choice to distribute their beer in cans instead of bottles. In his interview with us Aslan CEO, Jack Lamb explains why:

“Cans are the future. I envision in 20 years that bottled beers will be a niche, collector’s item—a luxury good. It’s cool, but bottled beer has a lot of flaws—bottles let light in, the seal leaks, it’s heavy, it’s breakable.

Cans are an all-around superior beer container. They chill faster, they don’t let light in (so they preserve flavor better). They’ve got a bad reputation because 50 years ago when cans were straight aluminum they did leave a funny metallic taste in the beer. But can liners and new materials make that not true anymore. Plus, our cans are made right here in Olympia.”

Dawn Patrol joins Aslan’s Batch-15 IPA as the only two varieties available in cans.

Elizabeth Station is hosting a release party on January 20 (tonight!) to celebrate the launch. Dawn Patrol will be available both in cans and on tap.

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