How would you go about making Bellingham-style spirits?

You’d use local ingredients, of course.

Use a bike-powered apple grinder to process the substrate.

Do it all the hard way—the right way, and never cut corners.

That’s how Chuckanut Bay Distillery does it, and the payoff is exceptionally high quality.

The young business sent their first two bottles of potato vodka to the New York International Spirits Competition where they won Double Gold.

They distill on Railroad Avenue, right next to Boundary Bay. You’d be forgiven for overlooking them. Their front door is on the alley, and their tasting room is open on Saturdays from 11a to 5p.

But you should drop by soon. They just released a bourbon—a major milestone in the life of a young craft distillery. Bourbon rounds out an impressive line of products that include a pair of vodkas, a pair of gins, an American-style whiskey, and a few specialty spirits.

Try Krampus, the limited release seasonal spirit that includes local honey, roasted hazelnuts, and spices.

Look for their labels in liquor stores and restaurants around town, or better yet, drop by the tasting room on a Saturday afternoon to taste the full flight.

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