Honey Moon Mead & Cider makes an English-style hard cider under the brand CiderHead. And this fall they’ll make some out of “extra” backyard apples from around Bellingham.

Many yards across Bellingham have an apple tree or two that produce more apples than the homeowners can use each year. In the waning weeks of the apple season, Honey Moon is making the rounds, collecting apples that have gone unharvested—the extras. With all this fruit they will create a small batch of cider, the taste of which will be shaped by this summer’s weather conditions.

Contributors will receive a voucher for some of the finished product which is due for release later this fall. The 2015 vintage sold out fast, so Honey Moon is hoping to increase its production this year. They hope to collect 2 tons of apples from backyards around town.

If you want to taste this year’s batch, but don’t have any extra apples to contribute, make plans to attend the Extra Cider Release Party! Last year’s event was on November 7. Keep an eye on Honey Moon’s facebook page so you’re among the first to hear when they announce this year’s date.

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