For Kids—Birchwood Park

Families with kids will love the playground, covered picnic area, and wide-open spaces in which to run and play. Free from many of the attractions that could be dangerous to young children, the Birchwood Neighborhood Park is perfect for the youngest Bellinghamsters.

For Walking/Running—Lake Padden Park

This town has a surplus of great walking and running, but the Lake Padden loop is perhaps the best for focused walking. Water views, manicured terrain, and lots of bathroom stops set this walking trail apart from the pack.

For Sports—Cornwall Park

If volleyball, tennis, basketball, pickleball, or frisbee golf is more your speed, don’t miss Cornwall Park. Tree cover keeps the park cool, and lots of parking makes it easy to get in and out.

For the View—Zuanich Park

Face the bay to enjoy sunsets over the San Juan Islands. Face the mountains to enjoy a purple sunrise. You’ll find something to gawk at in every direction at. Maybe that’s why the central feature of this park is a free-to-use telescope.

Best All Around—Boulevard Park

This bayside dandy is the pride of Bellingham, and it’s only getting better. The improvements underway right now will add even more comfort and charm to everyone’s favorite Bellingham park.

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