Your out-of-town friends have heard you rave about Bellingham for long enough. They want to see if for themselves, so they are coming for a visit.

Where do you take them?

We’ve got some great options for you.

Downtown—Homeskillet, Farmer’s Market, and Sehome HiIl Arboretum

The best Saturdays in Bellingham start at Homeskillet. Just outside downtown, this breakfast joint will fill you up with both carbs and happiness.

Next, mosey over to the Bellingham Farmer’s Market where the best agriculture and craftsmanship from Whatcom County is on display every Saturday afternoon.

From there you can climb Sehome Hill to the Arboretum Watchtower which offers great views of the city. If you know the shortcut through WWU’s campus, it’s only a mile.

Bellingham Marina—Zuanich Park, Marine Life Center, and Giuseppe’s

Boulevard Park gets all the attention, but Zuanich Park can hold its own among Bellingham’s walkable waterfront parks. Park outside the Kite Paddle Surf shop, and walk the loop past the bronze fisherman.

Keep walking around the marina and you’ll find the Marine Life Center. It’s free to enter, so drop in, see the octopus, and experience the touch tank.

If you’re at the marina around dinnertime, you’ve gotta try Guiseppe’s. It’s some of the best Italian food in town.

Fairhaven—Village Books, Skylarks, and Tayler Dock

If your guests need less walking, head for Fairhaven. It’s densely packed. Start at Village Books, the local beacon of literature.

There are plenty of great places to eat in Fairhaven, but Skylark’s Hidden Cafe is a must. The speakeasy vibe makes it a local favorite.

If they’re up for it, Taylor Dock and the start of the South Bay Trail is just a half mile away. The dock has lots of seating from which you can enjoy Bellingham’s world-renowned sunsets.

Chuckanut Drive—Drive, Larrabee State Park, and Oyster Bar

Venture south of town to explore Chuckanut Drive. This historic strip of pavement winding along Samish Bay was once the only way in or out of town. It’s still a fun place to explore, and the drive is half the fun.

Along the way, you’ll notice several roadside pull offs that mark points of interest like Teddy Bear Cove, and the trail to Lost Lake. These are all fun to explore, but Larabee State Park has it all—hiking, swimming, camping, boating, and fishing. It’s a great place to spend a day or a whole weekend.

If you get hungry while you’re on Chuckanut Drive, stop into the Oyster Bar for views of the bay and tremendous seafood.

Lake Whatcom—Bloedel Donovan Park, Whatcom Falls, and Lafeens Family

Avoid the crowds, and enjoy a relaxing walk from the Lake Whatcom waterfront through Whatcom Falls Park. You could take a direct route, or explore one of many scenic detours along the way. If you get hungry, pop out onto Electric Street for some Ice Cream or a Donut at Lafeens.

Use the hashtag #BellinghamWins to share your pics and tweets while you explore our beautiful city!

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